The Video Art Thunderdome

A Massively Multi-player Video Editing Battle Royale

The Video Art Thunderdome is a music video editing event at Anime Weekend Atlanta. During the convention teams of editors work to complete a Multi-Editor Project using footage provided and to a song selected from a limited list.

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Form A Team

Sign ups are open, collect your team of five editors and select a team captain to fill out our sign up form. Once teams have been selected, members will be contacted to schedule time in the Video Art Thunderdome editing bay at Anime Weekend Atlanta.

The Rules

  • Each team has five editors and each team has a cool name
  • Jingoro picks the songs
  • Each team will have a chance to veto one song from the list of songs
  • The final list of songs is hung in The Thunderdome
  • A wide variety of source footage will be provided by The Video Art Track. Editors may bring additonal footage into The Thunderdome, but must be made available to everyone.
  • Each editor has one hour to contribute to their team's project
  • The first editor of each team selects a song to edit to and strikes it off the list
  • The last editor gets an additonal hour to assemble their team's segments into a final video and export and test the result.
  • The resulting videos compete on Sunday with the audience being the final arbiter
  • Every editor on the winning team takes home a prize

Contact Us

Many questions we've been asked are listed below. If you have further questions for us, you may contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to attend Anime Weekend Atlanta in order to participate?

    Yes! Every editor must attend the convention and edit their video in the Thunderdome at AWA.
  2. What if there's something reall cool going on during my editing time, may I change?

    Sign ups for editing time in The Video Art Thunderdome won't begin until the official convention schedule has been released online. We ask you check it before signing up! We ask you do not miss your editing time because we expect the pre-arranged slots to be full. Makeup time will be available, however it will be in the small hours of the morning when everyone will be sleeping. Please don't miss your scheduled time.
  3. What if one of my teammates can't attend or is otherwise unable to edit?

    Teams are not final until all team members have selected an editing time, if scheduling is still open, you are welcome to bring in a substitute editor. However, once scheduling is closed, your team is a team and you succeed or fail together as a team. If one of your editors misses their slot and cannot make up their editing time, the rest of your team must continue without them! No, one of your other members cannot edit during their fallen comrade's scheduled time! Each editor gets an hour and that is all, and the last editor gets an extra hour to turn the result into a final video.
  4. Can we get a copy of our final timeline?

    Sure, bring your own USB drive.